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Want to win my book (plus 24 more life-changing books) for Christmas?

Scroll through this list of books and tell me you’re not salivating by the end:

  1. The Storygrid — Shawn Coyne
  2. The War of Art — Steven Pressfield
  3. Choose Yourself — James Altucher
  4. The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth — James Altucher
  5. The Rich Employee — James Altucher
  6. The Crazy, Sexy Diet — Kris Karr
  7. The Happiness Project — Gretchen Rubin
  8. David and Goliath — Malcolm Gladwell
  9. Blink — Malcolm Gladwell
  10. Think and Grow Rich — Napoleon Hill
  11. Your Ideal Future — Benjamin Hardy
  12. The Icarus Deception — Seth Godin
  13. Poke the Box — Seth Godin
  14. The Millennial Way — Declan Wilson (Hey, that’s me!)
  15. Massive Life Success — Darius Foroux
  16. Building Smarter Habits — Thomas Oppong
  17. Quitter — Jon Acuff
  18. Do Over — Jon Acuff
  19. 48 Days to the Work You Love — Dan Miller
  20. Unmistakable — Srinivas Rao
  21. Steal Like an Artist — Austin Kleon
  22. Show Your Work — Austin Kleon
  23. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years — Donald Miller
  24. Love Does — Bob Goff

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