Please don’t panic if you haven’t found your life’s purpose

Declan Wilson
4 min readJan 10, 2017

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s easy to feel like you are falling behind. Whether it’s your career status, relationship status, or social status, it’s all too common to think people are farther ahead of you.

This especially rings true when we think everyone else has found their purpose in life.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a friend live out their life’s purpose and feeling a twinge of envy.

Why can’t I seem to find my purpose…

The problem with people in this situation is that they assume their purpose will find them. As if they can wave their arms and conjure it in thin air.

What they fail to realize is that purpose does not find you, you find your purpose through action, hard work, and patience. In other words, the more you pour yourself into your projects (more on this in a bit), the more you learn about yourself, and the clearer your purpose becomes.

Purpose is the common driver between your passions.

Finding your purpose isn't as hard as you think

I’m working on a lot of projects at the moment. I consider being a husband and father a project, starting a business a project, taking care of my mind, body, and soul another project.

I essentially call anything a project where I’m working toward an unclear set of goals simply for the love of it. Other people may call these their passions.

Whatever you call them, most likely you have a few in your life as well. And it’s in these projects where you can start to uncover your purpose.

I’ve learned that my purpose is helping people uncover the untapped potential within themselves. Some of my biggest projects over the past few years have this purpose woven in:

  • Cooking in College — Helped students learn that cooking healthy and within budget isn’t that hard.
  • Millennial Type — Focused on the positives Millennials have to offer this world.
  • SHRPA — Giving others the community and accountability they need to go after their goals.
  • Being a husband and father — Wanting…



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