So many people treat their full-time job as this other thing they must do for 40 hours a week without realizing the opportunity before them.

I have a degree in industrial engineering. I work as a supply chain analyst for a medical device company. What do those things have in common with my side-hustle (which you can find here by the way :) )?

Not much actually.

But, from my experience working in corporate America I:

  • Studied my target market (i.e. people unhappy about their situation in life and want to change)
  • Learned the value of ‘over delivering’ on a project
  • Understood how a business is run
  • Questioned why things are done a certain way and steered people to try new ways
  • Headed up projects
  • Solved complex problems with creative solutions

Sure, my 40-hour a week cubicle job isn’t glamorous, but I consciously used my time here to not only work, but study, grow, and learn.

And here I am, about a month a way from exiting corporate America after 5+ years for a life of self-employment (I’m not calling myself an entrepreneur quite yet).

If your job sucks, it’s your job to make it un-suck. Find the opportunities. Take advantage. Don’t waste them.

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