In less than 5 years we are all going to question why we ever ‘scrolled’ to read content on our phones

Todd — awesome write up and I agree with you 100%.

I’m surprised I didn’t see this coming. With the work Nathan Bashaw was doing with Hardbound:

And Alex Rawitz and his team with Verbatm a few years back:

It’s obvious there is a real disconnect with the way we consume written content on mobile and the way we should consume written content. We scroll through our phones because we scrolled on desktops. We click on an image to view it full screen because we clicked on desktops.

But mobile is supposed to be interactive, fun, and simple.

Medium isn’t copying Snapchat or InstaStories, they are pioneering a new way to read on our phones. It’s so much easier to tap on our phone to read the next section or tilt our phone for an immersive photo experience.

Here are a few suggestions I’d have to make Series even better:

  • For longer form content, find a way to help ‘chunk’ sections to optimal lengths. For example, I have a short story typed out in a Google Doc. I don’t want to have to copy each paragraph and paste it into a new page/slide/card. I’d rather copy over all the text and have @Medium do the chunking for me.
  • Let me add video! I know Todd’s a sucker for the written word but have you seen him on video (seriously, you can find his YouTube channel here). I’d love to flip through one of his Series with word, image, and a pop of personality via video dispersed through out. I enjoy consuming word content but I spend a good bit of time on Snap and Insta too. Having the option to record short bursts of video would make the consuming experience that much more enjoyable!
  • Adding hyperlinks to photos. I tried adding a hyperlink to a photo on a series but when I ‘clicked’ on the photo it turned to the next page/slide/card. I know Medium just rolled this out but can there please be a way to tap on a photo (for example a call to action to sign up for a mailing list?) and link to somewhere else?

I’m curious if anyone else has suggestions?

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