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I remember when people didn’t read my words

I remember writing my first story.

I remember receiving my first recommend (no surprise, it was SF Ali).

I remember when my stories were read by 3 people, if that.

I remember seeing a community of avid readers and writers working together to preserve knowledge and share stories in a unique way.

I remember first bumping into Todd Brison after reading his first (of many) popular stories.

I remember interacting with Jon Westenberg before he was “The” Jon Westenberg.

I remember Medium changing their logo (and not being happy about it, I’m cool now).

I remember Ezinne Ukoha’s writings challenging my hidden biases.

I remember the trolls, the nay sayers, and the Debbie Downers.

I remember the friends, the supporters, and the well-wishers.

I remember a lot because you’ve helped make this space on the internet worth my time and energy.

I’ll admit, overtime I have taken for granted the little things that make this Medium community special.

But today, I want to thank you for your attention. I want to thank you for being here. I want to thank you for being you.

(Today, I passed 7,000 readers and I am feeling grateful ❤)

Stay-at-home dad. 9-to-5 escapee. Aldi aficionado. Me in a nutshell→

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