I appreciate the feedback Justin and for taking the time to watch all the videos. I can assure you I’m a genuine guy and not running a scam, but I can only prove that by building trust (which isn’t always easy online).

I’m glad you called out the production quality of the videos. I created them on my own with a limited budget since I am just starting to get off the ground. It’s my intent to re-film the series with a budget and actual team who can help with the process.

However, and I’m not getting defensive, I live by the “Just Ship It” mentality. Being a perfectionist I always want things I make to look and feel a certain way. But since I am starting a new business, I need to be fast and iterate along the way. If I spent too much time perfecting the videos I would have never launched SHRPA.

I’m learning as I go and feedback like yours is very valuable to me. So thank you for taking the time to share it.

Stay-at-home dad. 9-to-5 escapee. Aldi aficionado. Me in a nutshell→ declanwilson.co/start-here

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