Do We Really Have Endless Possibilities?

No, but you have enough to keep you moving forward for the time being.

I hate motivational posters.

You know what I’m talking about — the sepia stock photo of some vast landscape with a few vapid “inspirational” words in bold white print.

I’ve seen a poster or two in my lifetime that literally, or in so many words, said: You have endless possibilities.

Some people go to the extremes for a good wifi connection.

I hate to be cynical, but this isn’t true.

We are finite. Out time on earth is finite. Our talents, passions, dreams, and networks are finite.

Nothing is endless (except love, but that’s a discussion for another day).

I’m guessing the purpose of these “motivational” posters is to help people who feel stuck, get unstuck.

“I’m out of college and stuck in a job I hate.”

“I feel stuck in a boring daily routine.”

“I’m stuck in an unfulfilling career.”

I get it. I’ve been stuck before. And it’s not always easy to see a way forward. But there is always a way forward, not endless ways, but enough for you to choose from.

Here’s an exercise to prove this concept (I borrowed this from my friend Todd):

Write out 10 (or more) problems. For each problem write out 5 (or more) creative solutions. For each solution, write out 3 (or more) people who would benefit from said solution.

There, now you have a list of at least 150 possibilities to go after.

No one should feel stuck in life, even if you have a very low view of yourself, you still have a unique combination of talents, passions, resources, and networks to do something.

There will always be a way forward.

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