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Creators Only Need to Do These 3 Things Well

One of which you are already doing

It takes three things to become a prolific creator:

  • Think
  • Translate
  • Tell


Why are things the way that they are?

This question must be on your mind at all times. You must ask it over and over again until more questions form.

Then you think.

You think about ideas. You think about other people’s ideas. You think crazy ideas. You think simple ideas.

You never stop thinking.

You never stop exploring.


Show up, sit down, and put in the work.

Your ideas need to come alive.

Your ideas need to be seen, heard, or felt.

You might have the best ideas in town, but if you can’t translate them into something tangible, something real you’re ideas will die with you.

Give yourself the time and space for ideas to flow forth from your brain and into the real world.

Be patient. Don’t force it.

Translate the abstract of your mind into something digestible, observable, readable.

Make it make sense.


People need to see your work.

Your ideas translated into something tangible are nothing but a co-opted collection of thousands of ideas that came before you.

Give them back to the world.

Let them see what happened to their ideas once they’ve run through the meat grinder of your mind.

Then and only then have you completed the gauntlet.

Only then are you a creator.

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