creativity future of work
creativity future of work
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Creativity is the Future of Work

In our lifetime we will see a major shift in the importance of creativity in the workplace. Will you be ready?

If you’re like me, sometimes it feels like all we have to do to get a paycheck is show up.

Show up, perform a series of tasks, go home, repeat. It feels robotic at times.

So it should be no surprise to anyone that robots (aka Artificial Intelligence systems) are taking over more and more of our jobs. By the year 2020, 5 million of today’s jobs won’t exist.

Growing up we were taught to follow directions, respect those “above” us, and work hard. Robots can do all three of those things better than any of us.

More and more task-oriented jobs will disappear to robots who don’t make mistakes and don’t require health insurance.

I look at my full-time job as a supply chain analysts as an example. 80% of what I do can easily be replaced with a few Excel macros (that I could code myself…please don’t tell my boss).

This thought doesn’t scare me one bit. Why? Because it will force me to adapt. I’m realistic about the future of work. Here’s my prediction:

The fall of entry level jobs will lead to higher demand for a skill robots can’t replace — Creativity.

To succeed in this new economy, it’s imperative we polish up our creative skills. Creativity will be the currency of the future, are you ready?

Creativity is a blessing and a curse

If you’re thinking, Well shoot, Declan. I don’t have a creative bone in my body. You’re wrong.

Creativity isn’t reserved for a select few. The Muse doesn’t appear to only those she deems worthy.

Yes, creativity may come easy to some, but everyone has the ability to (re)discover and tap into their creative side.

Every day you come up with creative solutions to problems you face. Every sentence you form, thought you think, meal you cook is a creative gesture.

One only has to look back a few hours to see all the different way’s they’ve been creative.

Admit it, you’ve been blessed and cursed with creativity.

Todd Brison, a well-known writer on Medium and a good friend of mine, launched his first book The Creative’s Curse yesterday. He better explains what the curse is here:

It’s the subtle kind of curse. It’s the kind you might not notice until you’re 46 years old at a desk job wondering why you let the best years of your life slip away. It’s the kind that keeps you paralyzed at 18 when you know you have something special to offer the world but everyone says you are too young.

This book is not about overcoming that curse.

It’s not about outgrowing the curse.

It’s about learning to live with it.

The sooner you learn to live with your creative curse, the better.

Buy The Creative's Curse on Kindle!
Buy The Creative's Curse on Kindle!
Buy The Creative’s Curse on Kindle!

Ways to be more creative

  1. Journal every day (or just write out 10 new ideas and act on one)
  2. Watch good quality movies and television
  3. Read
  4. Talk to strangers
  5. Cook a meal for a friend
  6. Develop ways to be more efficient at work
  7. Observe how a child plays
  8. Think
  9. Doodle
  10. Go for a long walk

Honestly, I could have listed out any combination of actions and they would help grow your creativity. Creativity is nothing more than seeing what could be and acting on it. It’s identifying the void and visualizing how to fill it.

The world is your studio. Grab a smock and get to work.

The benefits of creativity

I wish I could spew out some facts like, 98% of creative people live happier lives. Or, 50% of creatives are twice as likely to have lower blood pressure.

But I honestly don’t care about facts and figures about creativity. All I know is that the world is hurting right now. We need more creativity in this world.

We need more people developing creative solutions to the issues plaguing us. The world will reward those who take up the challenge.

To me, that’s the greatest benefit of all.

Stay-at-home dad. 9-to-5 escapee. Aldi aficionado. Me in a nutshell→

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