Behind the Scenes of a Daily Vlogger

My family and I launched a daily vlog in April to share the story of our daily adventures as we navigate the seemingly ordinary events of daily life.

With a new baby on the way, a cross-country job search, and the spontaneous events of raising a toddler, this year long project captures the magic and adventure of life and reminds us that the time we spend with those we love is all that matters.

I’m setting up this Medium post to offer a bit of the behind the scenes of what goes into the making of a daily vlog. We’re about 2 months into this project already, but if you want to catch up on past vlogs you can check out our channel here:


Day 61 — June 9, 2018



Day 60 — June 8, 2018



Day 59 — June 7, 2018

“No I don’t want to go wash my teeth!”

I scheduled a dentist visit for Henry a few months back but accidentally scheduled it right before he normally naps. Not only did this mean he would be hungry/tired for his appointment, but we needed to figure out something to do beforehand.

We hit up the Three River’s Heritage trail and made a paper boat to float down the Allegheny River. It didn’t get too far. We sunk it with a giant rock.

This was a fun vlog to assemble. I’m trying to be better at adding something more visually interesting within the first 2 minutes of each vlog to keep viewers interested. As you’ll see, I use a slo-mo cinematic montage (a la Peter McKinnon) to showcase the beauty of the trail.

I was, however, a bit distracted while editing. The Stanley Cup Finals were on.

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