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And managed to buy a house at the same time

While most people awoke the morning of January 1st, 2020 — blissfully unaware of the dumpster fire ahead — I awoke in a panic.

No, I was not some psychic capable of predicting the horrible events of 2020, I awoke in a panic because of another number.


After a…

How to find the time you supposedly don’t have for your side gig

I get it.

You hate your job. You wish you could do something more meaningful with your life. You want more freedom, blah, blah, blah.

If it were 2015, I’d probably say something like “Quit your job! Follow your dreams! Who wants to die shackled to their cubicle?”

When I…

Let me tell you about a little thing called Entropy

Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

Expect the unexpected. That might be from a car commercial, it might also be the single most important piece of advice you can drill into the malleable minds of a young adult, fresh off the adolescent conveyor belt.

Without getting too sciencey on you, the Universe is hellbent on causing…

Live within your means, tackle debt, and start saving some cash

Photo: Morgan Housel/Unsplash

To many, budgeting is a tedious task of number crunching and filling out spreadsheets. To some, it brings about a sense of existential dread and the sad realization that money never seems to stick around for long.

But budgeting, when you think about it, is nothing more than personal accounting…

A simple-ish guide to demanding better rates

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

It was my first day of self-employment, I had just walked away from my corporate job a mere hours earlier and found myself on a video call with a potential client who needed a new website. I pitched them my ideas, we discussed deliverables, and settled on a timeline.


Depends who you ask

Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya on Unsplash

I have this habit of texting my accountant friend Alex anytime — and I mean anytime — I stumble across a money thing I don’t quite understand. Being that he’s an accountant and a money nerd and my friend, Alex is prompt and knowledgeable in his response (which is my…

Solo-preneurship is hard unless you find the right people

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

There’s no lonelier feeling than telling your friends and family that you aren’t “going back to your desk job” because you’ve decided to go forward with your entrepreneurial plans.

“But what about a steady paycheck?”

“How will you pay for health insurance?”

“Are you sure?”

Sure, they were all for…

What to do if your client pops the question

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

It might happen sooner rather than later. You’ll finish up a project with a client and they’ll pop the question: “Can I pay you in Bitcoin?”

As a solopreneur you know how important it is to get that next check, but what if it’s not a check? What if it’s…

Debt financing ideas for small business owners

Photo by Ave Calvar on Unsplash

I’ve spent the past 15 months paying off over $30,000 of consumer debt. My wife and I are relieved that we’re no longer shackled to nearly $2,000/month payments anymore. Needless to say, when I hear the word debt, I don’t feel warm and giddy inside.

There is a lot of…

A financial stability checklist

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

The black metal box wasn’t a safe, per se, but for 15-year-old me, it protected my entire net-worth nevertheless.

The day I cracked three figures, I kept opening and closing my little black box, counting and recounting the cash inside, exhilarated that I had finally earned more than $100 from…

Declan Wilson

Stay-at-home dad. 9-to-5 escapee. Aldi aficionado. Me in a nutshell→

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