37 Things That Happen When You Take Your Dream Seriously

This time last year, I stopped treating my dream as an unattainable summit I hoped to reach someday. Instead, I Stepped Up and started to take my dream more seriously.

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[ONE] You finally give yourself permission to dream

[TWO] You show up more consistently

[THREE] You zero in on the horizon

[FOUR] You treat yourself more seriously

[FIVE] You focus on craft and technique

[SIX] You invest in yourself

[SEVEN] You meet really cool people

[EIGHT] You help other people on similar journeys

[NINE] You build a community around you

[TEN] People want to help you

[ELEVEN] Your family and friends will question you

[TWELVE] You will learn to manage friction

[THIRTEEN] You showcase your dream with confidence

[FOURTEEN] You feel vulnerable and exposed

[FIFTEEN] You don’t care about the money

[SIXTEEN] You wake up each day with a purpose

[SEVENTEEN] You don’t care what you get in return…

[EIGHTEEN] You do it because you have to…

[NINETEEN] You treat failure as progress

[TWENTY] You know who you are

[TWENTY-ONE] Your purpose becomes clearer

[TWENTY-TWO] You appreciate the process

[TWENTY-THREE] You breathe, eat, and bathe in your dream

[TWENTY-FOUR] You prove you are committed

[TWENTY-FIVE] You take risks

[TWENTY-SIX] You don’t panic when things don’t go according to plan

[TWENTY-SEVEN] You set timely goals

[TWENTY-EIGHT] You feel like you finally belong

[TWENTY-NINE] You embrace the opportunities

[THIRTY] You have a story

[THIRTY-ONE] You feel gracious you were chosen for this journey

[THIRTY-TWO] You don’t seek permission

[THIRTY-THREE] You face your fears

[THIRTY-FOUR] You become scared

[THIRTY-FIVE] You make sacrifices

[THIRTY-SIX] You don’t stop moving forward


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