3 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your Nine-to-Five (to benefit your side-hustle)

I’m often asked how do I do it. How do I manage to work a full-time job, spend time with my wife and son, advise for Praxis, sleep, eat, and still manage to work on my side-hustle?

Out of the six things mentioned above, five of them I actually enjoy doing. Unfortunately, the one thing I don’t enjoy doing pays the bills (for now).

The full-time job. The 9-to-5. The cube farm.

However you define it, there is a 70% chance you are in the same boat as me. Having a full-time job is a big time-sucker that limits our ability to invest our time and attention into our side-hustles.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

There are ways to take full advantage of your job to benefit your side-hustles, personal projects, or passions without it being a hinderance.

Actually, to answer the original question at the beginning of this post, I am able to grow my side-hustle because I have a full-time job. For me, my full-time office job is my advantage.

Here’s why:

1.) The Obvious: Less stress about money

Easy money, that's all it is. You show up for 40 or more hours a week and every other Friday you get a nice paycheck deposited into your bank account.

Okay, maybe not everyone’s job is “easy money” but the obvious truth remains:

Having a full-time job means not having to stress about where or when you’ll get paid next.

Most people want to make their side-hustle their full-time-hustle. In doing so, you take on the huge burden of worrying about how you’ll make your money, when you’ll make your money, and the ever present if you’ll make your money.

And for most people, this is too much to handle.

That’s why take advantage of this time now when you can grow your side-hustle at a comfortable rate without the stress of wondering if you’ll be able to pay the bills this month.

When your side-hustle passes the tipping point, the moment you realize it’s something more than a side-hustle, you can then begin your transition away from your 9-to-5.

2.) Don’t throw in the towel, keep adding value

Do you seriously want to take advantage of your full-time job to help benefit your side-hustle? We’ll here’s the best advice I can offer you:

Make yourself indispensable.

Make yourself so valuable to the company’s progress, that they will do anything to keep you on. Even if it means allowing you to only have to work part-time so you can spend the rest of your time on your side-hustle.

Offer a unique skill set. Solve people’s problems before they even realize it’s their problem. Learn. Study. Grow. Become so good that everyone pines for you to be on their team.

Why? Because your full-time job will eventually become your parachute. When it’s time to bail, yank that rip cord and let them gracefully guide you to your landing.

When you make yourself indispensable, you hold more bargaining power when it comes time to manage your transition.

Some people are comfortable cutting ties completely. Personally, I‘d rather reduce my full-time job so I don’t have to put too much pressure on my business to be profitable right away.

Either way, when you sit your boss down and say, “Mr. Manager, I’d like to quit/reduce my hours so I can focus more on my side-hustle,” they will most likely be willing to work with your demands if you’ve proven your worth over the years.

[On a side-note, I’ve already had this conversation with my manager and we are working on making this a possibility.]

3.) Are you using your vacation days wisely?

As I write this it’s Monday morning. I should be at work, but I’m not. I scheduled a vacation day for myself, not to sit around binge watching Netflix, but to put in 8 hours of hard work into my side-hustle.

I treated today as any other work day. I woke up early, got my son ready, took him to daycare, brewed a pot of decaf coffee, and got to work.

There’s no way you’ll see any #vacation2016 selfies from me today.

Treating your vacation days as an opportunity to spend a whole day on your side-hustle is a huge way to take advantage of your job.

If you’re like me and can only devote a few sporadic hours a day on your side-hustle, having a full 8 hour work day to make progress sounds rare. However, it’s totally possible if you don’t burn all your vacation days on frivolous activities.

When your vacation days reset, spend time planning out your year. Obviously, block off time for rest, holidays, and family vacations. But also reserve a few days in the year to devote entirely to your side-hustle.

And it shouldn’t be hard to find those extra vacation days, 55% of Americans didn’t use all of their vacation days in 2015. On average, they left 2 days of vacation to simply expire.

That’s unacceptable people.

Don’t waste your vacation days. Take advantage of them.

Now I understand everyone’s job situation is different. However, there is always a way to take advantage of your situation to benefit your side-hustle. There is always a way to break free from the comfortable life and live an adventure instead.

Why am I so adamant about this?

I honestly believe there are a lot of people who legitimately hate their full-time job but don’t let go of it because they are afraid.

They’re afraid to trust in themselves. They’re afraid of the unknown. They’re afraid of being in control.

Don’t be afraid. Take your side-hustle, dream, goal, project, or passion and help it grow.

Don’t use your full-time job as an excuse. Use it to your advantage.

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